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How Can You Transfer Your FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20

FIFA 20 was released and has detailed how you can transfer points from previous FIFA games into the newest release - here's everything you need to know. we've no doubt that many players will be wondering if they can transfer their existing FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to EA Sports's new game, FIFA 20.


Here's what you need to know about transferring your points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20, According to EA:

The first time you log in, you’ll see a pop-up that gives you the option to transfer your Points.


You can only transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 on the same console. 

For example, you can transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 on Xbox One, but you can’t transfer your Points from FIFA 19 on Xbox One to FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4

The transfer is not reversible. You can’t move FIFA Points back to FIFA 19 once you transfer them. 

This is still the case if you're an EA Access member. If you play FIFA 20 on EA Access and transfer your Points but don’t buy the full game, you won’t get your points back on FIFA 19.


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