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    Received! This is awesome Will probably buy more from you, guys!

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    They answered at the 3rd time. But everything went good!

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    Loving it! They can take a little longer than expected but its because they wanna make sure they are delivering to the right person. Be patient with them, they will surely deliver. Awesome service, guys!

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    your the best thanks

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    Excellent service, definitely will recommend to friends.

How to Get Mu Legend Zen Fast

Getting gold (which in this game is called Zen) is one of the key gameplay aspects in all RPG and MMORPG games. In MU Legends you need it to buy mu legend zen and use most of the game mechanics. The end game portion of the game (when your character reaches level 65) requires an absurd amount of it. Because of that it is good to know how to get MU Zen fast.

1. Think really hard before you select your expert skill. 

2. Don't waste your money on buying items on auctions before you reach level 65. 

3. Save your MU Legend zen

4. Put interesting items on auctions, especially those that you can't use.

5. Don't waste gold on buying potions in shops. 

6. You get access to Luery's Secret Vault at level 55.


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