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Madden NFL 20 Coins Farming Guide

Coins in Madden NFL 20 are required to increase your team’s OVR and buy new packs. These MUT coins, however, are hard to come by.


Following are some of the best Madden NFL 20 coins farming methods that we’ve discovered in the game:


Auction House & Trading

Auction House is arguably the single best source of farming coins in the game. In essence, what you’re looking for is to buy extremely wanted player cards that aren’t being sold on high prices.

Finally, try to go for the cards that have the “coins” icon next to them. It means that you’ll be able to utilize the “quick sell” option for these cards and they won’t fluctuate in the cost by a large margin. These are the cards that can make you some decent coins.


Complete Solo Challenges

By completing Solo Challenges, you can earn yourself a pack of cards that you can auction for some decent coins. Although most of these cards will be silver or gold, you can get lucky to get your hands on an Elite Card Pack.

So far, these are all the methods of farming coins in Madden NFL 20. Got any other methods, let us know!


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