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Why Buy A lol Account

If you’re thinking about buying a LoL account but aren’t sure if you need one, then here’s the deal: Buying an unranked LoL account not only save you lots of time and frustration, but it also allows you to become a better player. Having more than 1 League of Legends account opens a whole new world of possibilities for players of all levels and experience. Here are the top reasons players buy League of Legends accounts.


Allows You To Practice New Champs

As soon as a new champion is released in LoL, everyone wants to give them a try. But how do you know if the champion is OP or not without playing a few ranked games? Sometimes new champions will be super powerful and you’ll destroy everyone in ranked. However, sometimes they aren’t as easy as they look and take a lot more practice before you get good at them.

Do you really want to lose your ranked MMR just to find if a champion is for you or not? This is why players buy lol accounts.



Teach Your Friends How to Play

Playing games with your friends is lots of fun and many people who play League of Legends end up introducing their friends. Although creating a LoL account and getting your friend on the rift is the easy part, actually playing with them in game is a lot harder.

If you currently play ranked and have an MMR rating, then playing with your unranked friend can bring up a lot of problems. The first problem is the fact that you have an MMR rating and they don’t. This means if you play some games together in a group, your opponents will be picked based on the highest MMR rating. This means your new friend who has only just started playing will be up against some tough competition.


Challenge Yourself

Sometimes players like a challenge. So what if you’re a Diamond player? Maybe you just got lucky with promotions. Prove to yourself and friends that it was all down to skill with a 2nd LoL account. By getting 2 accounts to Diamond, it clearly proves that you’re not just all talk. Many professional players have multiple LoL accounts which they use to show off and get as many as possible to challenger. If pro players have multiple accounts, then so should you.


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